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We take the complexity, unpredictability and guesswork out of buying energy. Great rates. Price stability. Personalized service. We think saving money should be easy.

“I just wanted to express how pleased I am with Gas Alberta Energy and the solid advice you have consistently given me. All of my comparative analysis over the years has consistently demonstrated that Gas Alberta Energy has significantly reduced the costs of DeBlock Consulting’s Municipal clients as compared to all other options.”

Joel DeBlock, President, DeBlock Consulting

“We have been working in partnership with Gas Alberta Energy for almost a year now to provide unique energy buying solutions for our commercial customers. Before working with GAE, we were somewhat limited to the generic energy options that never quite fit the client right, however, GAE brings a tailored product to the table that fits each commercial client perfectly, ensuring their energy costs are managed and setting the standard for low cost. A big thank you to the whole team at GAE!”

Malcolm Setter, President Get Energy

“GAE has been providing input to the commodity risk management activities of EDCA on behalf of the Alberta School Board Commodity Purchasing Consortium since 2006.  Their strong industry knowledge, key market insights and back office support have been invaluable to help manage the energy costs for the CPC in a seamless and transparent fashion.”

EDC Associates Ltd.

“Since 2006, the Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association has enjoyed a strong strategic partnership with Gas Alberta Energy that has helped us to deliver value to our members.  GAE’s innovative and flexible approach to natural gas procurement have enabled our members to effectively manage their energy costs through up and down-market cycles.”

The Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association

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